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CONSULTING - PROCEDURES It is necessary for the entity to define and implement specific procedures to prevent money laundering, as well as to adopt a suitable internal structure.


TRAINING - According to Act 10/2010, April 28 the obligated entities shall take suitable measures for their employees to be aware of the requirements under this Act.

Law of prevention of money laundering article 29. Training of employees "shall the obligors take appropriate measures so that their employees are aware of the requirements arising from this Act." These measures shall include the duly accredited participation of employees in specific courses of ongoing formation aimed to detect operations which may be related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism and instruct them on how to proceed in such cases. "Actions training will be subject to an annual plan, designed on the basis of the risks of the sector of business of the obligated subject, it will be approved by the body of internal control."


AUDITING - Entities engaged in the activities listed in Article 2 of Act 10/2010, April 28, must undergo a periodic external expert review each year if they are under the general regime, or every three years if they are under the special regime, and perform an internal audit annually.

In Iberdata21 we are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the combat against money laundering.